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                          We can't ship plant material, but here is our amazing selection of                                                       "Tops-In-Pots" roses from Weeks Roses priced at $23.50   ($43.00 for 36").                    Come on in and grab your favorite variety. Selection can go quickly, so call for availability.


Happy planting!


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ALL A'TWITTER                               (Miniature)
ANGEL FACE                                       (Floribunda)
AUTUMN SUNSET®                            (Climber)
BARBRA STREISAND                          (Hybrid Tea)
BELLA ROMA                                      (Hybrid Tea)
CECILE BRUNNER                             (Climber)
CHRYSLER IMPERIAL                       (Hybrid Tea)
CRESCENDO™                                 (Hybrid Tea)
DISTANT DRUMS                                (Floribunda)
DON JUAN                                           (Climber)
DOUBLE DELIGHT                             (Hybrid Tea)
DOUBLE DELIGHT (36")                   (Hybrid Tea)
DROP DEAD RED (36")                  (Floribunda)
EBB TIDE                                         (Floribunda)
FALLING IN LOVE                          (Hybrid Tea)

FALLING IN LOVE™ (36")                 (Hybrid Tea)
FIREFIGHTER®                                  (Hybrid Tea)
FRAGRANT CLOUD                            (Hybrid Tea)
FRAGRANT PLUM                              (Grandiflora)
FULL SAIL (36")                                  (Hybrid Tea)
GOOD AS GOLD                                 (Hybrid Tea)
GRANDE DAME                               (Hybrid Tea)
HEIRLOOM                                          (Hybrid Tea)
HOT COCOA™                                    (Floribunda)
HOTEL CALIFORNIA                          (Hybrid Tea)
ICEBERG                                              (Floribunda)
ICEBERG (Climbing)                           (Climber)
INK SPOTS                                           (Hybrid Tea)
JOSEPH'S COAT                                  (Climber)
JULIA CHILD                                       (Floribunda)
JUST JOEY                                            (Hybrid Tea)
JUST JOEY (36")                                  (Hybrid Tea)
KETCHUP & MUSTARD™                  (Floribunda)
KOKO LOKO™                                    (Floribunda)
LIVIN EASY™                                       (Floribunda)
LOVE                                                     (Grandiflora)
LOVE SONG™                                      (Floribunda)
MARILYN MONROE                         (Hybrid Tea)
MELODY PARFUMEE™                      (Grandiflora)
MEMORIAL DAY                              (Hybrid Tea)
MISS ALL AMERICAN BEAUTY          (Hybrid Tea)
MISTER LINCOLN                               (Hybrid Tea)
NEPTUNE™                                         (Hybrid Tea)
NEW ZEALAND                                    (Hybrid Tea)
OKLAHOMA                                         (Hybrid Tea)
PEACE                                                   (Hybrid Tea)
PEARLY GATES™                                (Climber)
PERFUME DELIGHT                          (Hybrid Tea)
PINK PEACE                                        (Hybrid Tea)
PINK PROMISE                                    (Hybrid Tea)
PRETTY LADY ROSE                        (Hybrid Tea)
QUEEN ELIZABETH                           (Hybrid Tea)
RADIANT PERFUME                          (Hybrid Tea)
RIO SAMBA™                                      (Hybrid Tea)
ROCK & ROLL™                                 (Grandiflora)
ROYAL AMETHYST                             (Hybrid Tea)
SALLY HOLMES                                  (Climber)
SECRET™                                            (Hybrid Tea)
SEDONA                                               (Hybrid Tea)
SHEILA'S PERFUME                          (Floribunda)
SMOKIN' HOT                                   (Hybrid Tea)
STAINLESS STEEL™                           (Hybrid Tea)
SUGAR MOON™                                 (Hybrid Tea)
SUNSPRITE                                          (Floribunda)
TAHITIAN SUNSET™                          (Hybrid Tea)
TIFFANY                                               (Hybrid Tea)
WESTERLAND                                     (Climber)
WILD BLUE YONDER™                    (Grandiflora)

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